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1 Introduction
2. Earthquake predictability / accidentality (Kalenda)
3. Theory of external forces (Neumann, Kalenda, Skalský, Kopf, Wandrol)
4. Experiments with seismicity and tests of effects (Kalenda, Málek, Skalský, Ostřihanský)
5. Vertical static pendulum (Neumann)
6. Pendulum measurement results – tilts (Kalenda, Neumann)
7. Interpretation of pendulum measurement (Kalenda, Neumann)
8. Comparison of pendulum measurement with other methods (Kalenda)
9. Plate movement mechanism (Kalenda, Neumann, Procházka, Ostřihanský)
10. Earthquake prediction (Kalenda, Neumann)
Our monograph presents successful earthquake predictions based on measurements by vertical static pendulums as the major practical results.
The network of vertical static pendulums, as well as its coordination with other measurements, is steadily evolving. At present, we are monitoring 12 pendulums in 9 geographic localities (4 in the Czech Republic, 1 in Slovakia, 2 in Ukraine, 1 in Italy and 1 in Slovenia).
We look forward to cooperation with scientists, who want to install vertical static pendulums in their regions of interest, or to perform other measurements suitable for combination with pendulum measurements to predict earthquakes timely.
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